Service to the Catholic Church in a Manner Appropriate for a University

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As a Catholic university, Notre Dame is aware of its privileged responsibility to place itself in service to the Church. To demonstrate how the pursuit of truth is put to use in a life of faith, the University is committed, as envisioned in Ex Corde Ecclesiae, to serve the Church by including the study of serious contemporary problems among its research, by communicating to society those ethical and religious principles that give full meaning to human life, by serving others for the promotion of social justice, and by modeling cooperation between disciplines in common research projects.

I pray that we will be people who see the world and its problems with a steady, honest, unflinching gaze; that because of our faith in God’s goodness, we will apply all our knowledge and skill to a thoughtful, fair, balanced analysis of those issues; that we never flag in seeking solutions … that we will have the courage and conviction to act when action is called for, and that we inspire others to act as well.”

Rev. John I. Jenkins C.S.C.