The Types of Discussions, Debates, and Inquiries that Take Place at the University

Types Of Discussions

Notre Dame is committed to creating a culture of inquiry imbued with the lived experience of Catholicism. While the University seeks to attract and retain greater numbers of Catholic scholars, scientists, and artists, it also believes that faculty members of all faiths are absolutely indispensable to promoting scholarship, building community, provoking debate, and ensuring a diversity of perspectives at Our Lady’s University. As Notre Dame endeavors to fulfill its vision to be a great Catholic university for the 21st century and one of the preeminent research institutions in the world, seekers of truth who hold a variety of beliefs and opinions are vitally important, especially if it is to meet the Ex Corde Ecclesiae requirement that a Catholic university exists as a “privileged place for a fruitful dialogue between the Gospel and culture.”

“ … being both a University and Catholic, it must be both a community of scholars representing various branches of human knowledge, and an academic institution in which Catholicism is vitally present and operative.”

Ex Corde Ecclesiae