Vocation: Responding to God's Call with Courage and Faith


Sister Catherine Bertrand, S.S.N.D., said, “To whom and for whom do you wish to give your heart and your life?  That is vocation.” And vocation is what the Institute for Church Life’s Notre Dame Vision program is all about.  

Directed by Leonard DeLorenzo, Notre Dame Vision consists of theologically rich conferences, large and small faith-sharing groups, liturgies, and music that, together, invite and encourage high school students from across the country to explore God’s call in their lives, and to make responding to that call a lifelong commitment.

Since Vision’s founding in 2001, the summer program has hosted over 10,000 high school students, as well as provided close to 700 undergraduates from Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross with the opportunity to serve as Mentors in Faith, either as resident counselors or liturgical musicians. Through theology courses and workshops held prior to the summer program, as well as through ongoing formation opportunities afterwards, these gifted servant-leaders grow in their own faith, while helping young men and women to view every Christian vocation—lay, religious, or ordained—as an opportunity to contribute to the life of the Church and to live the life of a committed disciple of Jesus Christ.

“The program is so needed for young people today. Nobody is doing what Notre Dame is doing.”

—Mike Patin, national speaker and the 2006 recipient of the National Catholic Youth Ministry Award